How can I add a scheduled task (cronjob)?

How can I add a scheduled task (cronjob)?

The Cronjob is your convenient way to set up a recurring task operated by a script hosted in your account.

  1. Make sure the script to be repeated is uploaded in your file system.

  2. Log in your hosting control panel (

  3. At the top follow 'My Products' > 'Web hosting'.

    Web hosting

  4. In the table you will see your hosts. Click on 'Hosting Details' for the host you need to schedule a task for.

    List of hosts

  5. From the vertical menu to your left choose 'Scheduled Tasks'.

    Hosting details

  6. Click on '+ Add Cron Job'.

    Scheduled tasks

  7. Use the radio buttons to customize the frequency. Hint: Check out the message at the top which is adaptable to your input – it will help you not get confused about the timing.

  8. At the bottom choose the domain name and include the path the script was uploaded to.

    Scheduled Tasks form

  9. Click on 'Generate A Scheduled Task'.

    Scheduled Task Generated