How do I activate my mailbox after a domain name transfer?

How do I activate my mailbox after a domain name transfer?

In order for your website and e-mail to work perfectly after your domain name trnsfer, you must adjust the DNS settings and update the name servers.

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1. Adjust the MX-records

By default you use the MX-records of (see image):

  • with a priority of 10
  • with a priority of 50

You use these settings if your mail traffic goes through These values take effect only after updating the name servers (see below)!


The standard MX-records of for your mail traffic

Do you send via an external provider? Check the DNS settings!

If you use an external provider such as Microsoft Office 365, Gmail or your own mail server for e-mail traffic, you can request the DNS settings from that provider in order for your e-mail to work correctly after your move.

Once you have those DNS settings (the MX-record setup, for example), simply edit them in via My products >> DNS & Forwarding management. They only become active after updating the name servers (see below).

How to transfer my Mailbox from another provider?

  • Re-create the mailboxes with your new provider
  • Set the DNS settings as described above
  • Do you want to see your old e-mails in your new mailbox?

Then make an export from your old mailbox and import it into the new one

2. Update your nameservers

To confirm the changes to the DNS settings, you must update the name servers. This concludes the transfer of your domain name.

Tip: Only start this step if your website is connected correctly.

Have you transferred to

Go to My Products >> Domain names >> (Your Domain name) Manage > Name Servers in the control panel and select " nameservers" (see image).

Read more about updating the nameservers of your domain name

Caution! It may take up to 24 hours for this setup to fully take effect. Afterwards, your domain name and e-mail will be fully functional with the new provider.


Adjust the name servers to " nameservers" to confirm the DNS settings

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