How do I enable an out of office? (Exchange)

How do I enable an out of office? (Exchange)

An out-of-office message might come in handy when you are temporarily unable to answer your emails. OR, if you would like to have an auto-responder, for example saying that you have received your message and will answer shortly. You can set that up from our webmail.

So first, log in our webmail like so:

  1. Log in your hosting control panel (

  2. Navigate to the horizontal menu at the top. Click on 'My products'.

    My products

  3. From the menu search for and click on 'My Email Addresses'.

  4. Find the domain name that uses the exchange mailbox. Click on its corresponding button 'Management'.

    My Email Addresses

  5. From the menu on your left-hand side, choose 'Outlook Web Access'.

    Email hosting details

  6. You are forwarded to a login page. Your id should already be in. Type in your passport. And sign in.

    Outlook Web Access login

  7. You are in!

Now it is time to create the message.

  1. Navigate to the upper right corner and click on the 'Options' link.

  2. A dropdown menu falls under your cursor. Choose 'Set Automatic Replies'.

    Set Automatic Replies

  3. You are now in the 'Organize E-Mail' section of your Exchange management.

    Organize E-Mail section

  4. Check the 'Send Automatic Response' radio button and then select dates to message will be applicable for, if you want. Or choose the receivers, if you have to.

    Automatic Response radio button

  5. Compose your message and click on 'Save'.

    Compose your message