How do I use ‘CMS Installation’? 1-click installer.

How do I use ‘CMS Installation’? 1-click installer.


  1. You have to be careful when you consider whether you use 1-click installation, because a one-click CMS installation will overwrite the existing files in the selected directory.

  2. Make sure you provide a valid email address. It will be the only way to retrieve your password. Your password and username are not stored in your control panel.

You can use the ‘CMS installation’ solution to setup any of our supported CMS. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in and follow ‘My Products’ >> ‘Web hosting’

    Web hosting

  2. Locate the host where you would like to install your CMS and click on ‘Hosting Details’

    Hosting details

  3. In the side menu scroll down to ‘CMS installation’ and click on it

    CMS installation

  4. Fill in the form with the following elements:

    1. Site (host)

    2. CMS

    3. Version

    4. Language

    5. Admin username

    6. Password + password verification

    7. E-mail – the official installation e-mail

    8. Website title

    9. New database option

    10. New database name

    11. New database password + password verification


  5. Click on ‘Install’ and allow several minutes for your CMS to be installed


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