How do I use public/private SSH key pair with (for Mac users)

How do I use public/private SSH key pair with (for Mac users)

  1. Make sure you have enabled SSH.

  2. Generate your public/private key pair.

    1. Open Terminal and enter:

      ls -lh ~/.ssh



    2. The command has listed the files from your .ssh directory. If you do not have the files yet, you have to generate your public/private rsa key pair like so:

      ssh-keygen -t rsa


    3. When the message ‘Enter file in which to save the key’ pops up, just hit Enter to save in the default directory.

      Enter file in which to save the key

    4. We recommend you setup a passphrase. Make sure you remember it. Your computer will ask you for it every time you decide to connect through SSH.

    5. You already have a public and private ssh key. Execute the following command to copy the public one in your clipboard and proceed to the next step:

      pbcopy < ~/.ssh/


  3. Introduce the public key to your account.

    1. Log in

    2. Follow My Products >> Web hosting >> Hosting details.

      Hosting details

    3. From the left-hand panel go to SSH.


    4. Now switch to the SSH keys tab.

      SSH keys tab

    5. Click on Add key.

      Add key

    6. Paste the code, and click on Add to save.

    7. You should now see the confirmation message: The SSH key was added.