How to add an administrator from

How to add an administrator from

  1. Log in your hosting control panel ( You can now log in using your email address.


  2. Go to 'Settings' from the menu and click on 'Users'.


  3. Now you see the overview.


  4. Choose 'Administrators' from the menu on the left side of the page.


  5. Now you can see all the administrators. To add an administrator click on 'Invite administrator' on the bottom.


  6. Fill out the details of the person you would like to add as an administrator and click on 'Invite administrator'. Do not forget to put a checkmark in front of the 'Immediately send this user a link via email' option. This way the user will be immediately notified that you have made him an administrator and can accept the invitation. NB: They will not have administrator's permission until they accept your invitation.


  7. You can always change every administrator's permissions. To do that click on 'Permissions' next to the administrator's name.


  8. Now you see all the permissions and you can switch them on and off using the sliders.


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