How to avoid having my messages being classified as spam?

How to avoid having my messages being classified as spam?

Your first step must be to create an SPF record for your domain names. An SPF-record lets mailboxes know via which mail servers your e-mails are sent. It is a kind of recommendation to spam filters to indicate which e-mails are legitimate and which are not.

Learn more about SPF-records

Use a free online mail test service to score your e-mail messages.

Here is an example.

  1. Go to the online page of the Mail tester

  2. Copy the e-mail address you see on the home page.

  3. You send an email to their test email address

  4. They give you a score of how trustworthy your email is.

  5. If you have any issues copy your results and send them to our support team. They can do some analysis for you.

Several notes:

Maybe it's not you - it is them! Have in mind it is not only the sender that is responsible for passing the spam filters. On the contrary, it is often the receiver who decides if the message is spam or not.

You may have a reputation! There could be different reasons why your message may be blocked. If the message is blocked because of its contents (certain images, certain keywords, certain code, or even capitalization of letters), the structure of the message should be changed, or the spam filter of the recipient is too harsh.

But if the message is immediately discarded because the email is blacklisted, the sender should fix it. The sender is responsible for their reputation in those cases.