How to configure my Exchange mailbox on iPhone / iPad? (Exchange)

How to configure my Exchange mailbox on iPhone / iPad? (Exchange)

Sometimes the mail client will accept your settings and declare the setup done, even though there is something missing. Then you will experience a strange behavior of your mailbox – it will receive but not send messages or vice versa.

Follow the instructions below to setup an exchange email account to your iPhone or iPad.

  1. First, access the section of your settings where you

    1. Unlock your iPhone / iPad


    2. Enter your ‘Settings’ app


    3. Tap on ‘Mail’


    4. Enter ‘Accounts’


    5. Here, find the option to ‘Add Account’

      Add Account

    6. Tap on ‘Exchange’


  2. Write down:

    1. Your full email address, for example

    2. The strong password you used to create the account in

    3. A description that speaks to you. You will use that to make the difference between this and other emails accounts you have.

      Account details

  3. On the next screen

    1. Your full email address should be automatically filled in

    2. For the server, enter ‘’

    3. For the domain, type in ‘HMC’

    4. For the username, repeat your full email address

    5. For the Password, repeat your strong password

    6. Your description should be automatically filled in.

      Server details

  4. Now, turn on/off the accounts you wish to sync with your phone. Then tap on ‘Save’


You are all set.