How to purchase Basic Mail without transferring my domain name?

How to purchase Basic Mail without transferring my domain name?

  1. Open your browser and open

  2. Navigate to the horizontal menu at the top. Click on ‘E-mail’.


  3. Choose the Basic Mail subscription you would like to purchase. Click on any of the ‘Order’ buttons when you are ready.


  4. Type your domain name for which you want an e-mail address in the search bar. Click on ‘Proceed’.


  5. To purchase a mailbox without transferring your domain name click on the button 'Or link without transfer' below the transfer button.

    Tip: If you click on the Transfer button you are ordering not just an email account, but also a transfer of the domain name to If you transfer the domain name, you will renew and manage your domain via from now on.

    Link without transfer

  6. Now your purchase is added to the cart. Here you can see the total amount for one year. To check out, click on ‘To cart’.

    To Cart

  7. For the final step, click on ‘Complete your order’.


  8. Here you can add your private/business details.


  9. Click on ‘Go to payment overview’ to finish.


TIP: After you have purchased your mailbox with us, in order to make sure it works properly, you need to set up your DNS records with our MX records:

  • (Priority: 50)

  • (Priority: 10)

Click on the link to learn more about our standard DNS records.