How to send an invitation from

How to send an invitation from

When adding a new administrator to your account, an invitation will be sent to their email address. They will have to accept this invitation in order to become an active administrator. The invitation is only valid for a certain amount of time. In case they do not open and accept in time you can always send them the invitation again.

  1. Log in your hosting control panel ( You can now log in using your email address.


  2. Go to 'Settings' from the menu and click on 'Users'.


  3. Now you see the overview.


  4. From the menu on the left side of the page, you can now choose to click on either 'Administrators' or 'Users' depending on whose rights you would like to change.

    Administrators Users

  5. Now you can see all the administrators. The ones that have not accepted the invitation yet have a 'send an invitation' url next to their names. Click on it.


  6. You are done. Now the person simply has to log in their mailbox and accept the new invitation.

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