What is a cloaked webforward? How do I create / change it?

What is a cloaked webforward? How do I create / change it?

A webforwarding will point your domain name or subdomain to another site. The forwarding could be either direct or cloaked. If the forwarding is cloaked, the URL in the address will not change after the forward. The destination site will be showed in a frame.

To set up cloaked webforwarding please do the following:

  1. Log in your My.Register.eu hosting control panel (https://my.register.eu/en).

  2. At the top follow 'My Products' > 'DNS & Forwarding management'.

    My Products DNS & Forwarding management

  3. Click on the 'FWD' button or follow 'DNS & Forwarding' > 'Webforwarding'.


  4. To change your current cloaked webforward settings:

    1. Click on 'Edit'.

    2. Change the destination URL.

      Change destination URL

    3. Click on '+ Save'.


  5. To add a cloaked webforward:

    1. Name the subdomain in the left text field. If you would like to create a forward for the domain name itself, leave the left text field empty.

    2. In the right text field please enter the destination URL. Example: http://ninefortwo.be/.

      1. Hint: You cannot have an active A-record for that domain or subdomain – if you do, delete it and proceed.

      2. Click on the checkbox to make the webforward cloaked.

        Add destination URL

      3. Click on '+ Add'.