What is an MX-record? How do I create / change it?

What is an MX-record? How do I create / change it?

Have in mind it can take some time before any DNS changes take effect. Say for an A-record, CNAME, MX-record, TXT-record – It could easily take up to 4 hours. For name servers – it is about 24 hours. Occasionally it could reach up to 36 hours.

The MX-record, also called the Mail Exchanger record is the part of the Domain Name System (DNS) that gives information about which mail server your domain name is using. The MX-records will usually come in couples – a primary and secondary one. To create or change your MX-records, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in your My.Register.eu hosting control panel (https://my.register.eu/en).

  2. At the top follow 'My Products' > 'DNS & Forwarding management'.

    My Products DNS & Forwarding management

  3. Click on the MX button or follow 'DNS & Forwarding' > 'MX-records'.


  4. To change your current MX-records:

    1. Click on 'Edit'.

    2. Change the destination with the MX value.

    3. Change the Time To Live (TTL) if you have to.

    4. Choose the priority – the lower the value – the highest the priority. If you have two MX-records, with priorities 1 and 2, the MX-record with value 1 will be your primary, and the MX-record with value 2 will be your secondary.

      Change destination + TTL + priority

    5. Click on '+ Save'.


    6. You can check your records here: http://who.is/dns/

  5. To add MX-records:

    1. Fill in the subdomain prefix in the left field at the bottom, or leave it empty if you would like to create an MX-record for the domain name itself.

    2. Fill in the destination, or the MX value in the right text field.

      Add destination + TTL + priority

    3. Click on '+ Add'.


    4. You can check your records here: http://who.is/dns/