Where can I view the Registrant (Licensee) information of my domain name?

Where can I view the Registrant (Licensee) information of my domain name?

The domain name owner/licensee/registrant is the person authorized to manage the domain name. They can transfer the domain name from one registrar to the other. And they can change the name servers, and thus, change the content the domain name points to. To check/change who the licensee/owner of your domain name is, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in your My.Register.eu hosting control panel (https://my.register.eu/en).

  2. Navigate to the horizontal menu at the top. Click on 'My products'.

    My products

  3. From the menu search for and click on 'My Domain Names'.

  4. Find the domain name you want to work with and click on 'Manage'.

    My Domain Names

  5. Here you will see an overview of your Expiration date, the contacts associated with your domain name and the name servers. To find more about the domain name owner/ domain name registrant, navigate to the vertical menu to your left and click on 'Registrant'.

    Domain name details

The Registrant (or Licensee) is the rightful owner of the domain name.

If you change the name of the owner it is considered a trade. This is why this part of the domain name information cannot be edited via the control panel. This procedure is different for every TLD and it is determined by that TLD’s registry. Please note this change involves a fee for some domain names.If you wish to switch the ownership, please send your request at info@register.eu. Our activation team will investigate and offer you the best option for you.

In most cases you can choose between:

  • A: Performing the change right away and submitting a fee for it


  • B: Scheduling the change for the next domain name renewal. Depending on the TLD this option might be cost-free.