Which CMS are supported by Register.eu?

Which CMS are supported by Register.eu?

A CMS (Content management system) is a program that allows you to create and modify a website or an application via a user friendly interface, eliminating or limiting the need to code. Once it is installed you get an administrator username and password, you access and use the turn-key system in the backend and see the changes on the frontend in real time.

A CMS could be generic or specialized. With Register.eu you have the option to install some of the most common CMS easily.


Drupal is a generic open source CMS. The Drupal Core provides the basic functionalities and the modules optimize your CMS for a particular use – blog, shop, forum, etc.


Joomla is a generic CMS. By using Joomla extensions, you can add extra functionalities.


Magento is a specialized, powerful online store CMS. It is the CMS most often used to create e-commerce sites.


Wordpress originated as a blog platform, but today it is a general use CMS. More and more often we see WordPress used for online shops, thanks to very popular free plugins you can use for the purpose.

Other CMS?

In theory as long as you have an active hosting account, you can install any CMS with the following conditions:

  • It has to meet the system requirements. If you have concerns, contact us with your questions.
  • You have to have the technical ability to install and configure the CMS yourself. Have in mind, the support team will always try to help you with the installation of other CMS if needed or even install them for you free of charge. While we tested the most popular CMS on our hosting cluster, we can not guarantee that every single CMS available is compatible with our hosting. Please contact our support if in doubt.